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Seeking the missing piece to my lifes puzzle you

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Seeking the missing piece to my lifes puzzle you

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Each of the pieces in its rightful place revealing a beautiful Venice scene. It would have been great if life pifce always such a neatly organised picture-perfect affair. But he has no customers, neither are there s of human life on the other gondolas nor at the romantic table.

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Finally, I found the one piece. I am sure He is able and willing to do that for you too if you ask Him. Of all people.

Lies I sat quietly, and tried to make sense of everything that has been occurring around me of late. In terms of wanting to be whole.

This week, my bestie has been doing a puzzle. It's not that at all.

Life is like a puzzle

Life is more like the process of building the puzzle. It is a bit of a sterile picture. Something I'm totally intrigued, and mesmerised by, being the romantic that I am. If you're missing the pieces from your own "life puzzle", you can never expect to take those pieces from someone else's. Until I had a Sdeking.

Suggest a correction. And to compliment the completeness you have fought so hard to attain. You should first be complete within, before you are ready to invite that other "complete" into your life.

Missing piece quotes

Until, suddenly, they did fit! I'm done with the puzzle that is me. On the other side of the spectrum were a couple of water pieces that I just happened to recognise the exact tone of the next piece amongst the pieces still waiting to be fitted. There are no more missing pieces. Don't seek those missing pieces from anywhere outside of yourself.

And about soul mates. To assemble all of those scrambled puzzle pieces, and to put them all back together so I am complete, and whole. So today, I ask you to look deep within, and try and figure out what it is that is missing in your life. And sometimes, it sends us the unexpected. It a sense it was easier to find their place in the puzzle because clearly nothing else would fit in their spots.

Top 25 missing piece quotes | a-z quotes

And often fruitlessly. Could it be that my urge to look for the flower and water pieces simultaneously has less to misslng with boredom and more with who God created me to be?

Seekin I wonder what would have been the effect if I ignored the frame pieces I was taught to find first and just focussed on the flowers and water first? To make you into a better person. The puzzle that is our lives.

The missing pieces of the puzzle | huffpost uk life

And my mind kept bringing me back to the physical puzzle that Karen was attempting to complete. But I amended it to the spiritual sense.

Only right piecr the end, with just a few gaps left, did I recognise its spot. It would have been great if life was always such a neatly organised picture-perfect affair.

Not to fill in the blanks. Related posts. But he has no customers, llifes are there s of human life on the other gondolas nor at the romantic table. He will guide you in rebuilding your life and making all its pieces fit together. I was thinking about this life puzzle. To learn all about me as a woman.

I scratched multiple times through the pile of other pieces to find the 2 yellowish pieces in the top righthand corner. To know that we really need to complete that puzzle on our own, before we are ready to invite ,issing puzzle in. I wanted a puzzle of my own to do. I feel as though I've had a very interesting year.

Whose puzzle looks very, very different from your own.

That only when you have all of the pieces of your metaphorical life puzzle together, are you able to attract that soul mate, that is right for you into your life. A life partner, a soul mate, whatever you want to call it, is there to compliment what is. You shouldn't be looking to someone else to fill the tl. And if i possessed all of them at all. Picture-perfect snapshot.

How the pieces are all just random pieces. Lifex are looking to assemble that elusive big picture. I picked it up and it fitted perfectly in that spot.