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At least 19 staff and patients, including three children being treated, were killed and 37 wonen wounded when an air strike hit the hospital run by the medical charity, in what U. When I made it out from the office, the main hospital building was engulfed in flames. Despite the government claiming to have regained control of the city, fighting has continued to rage around the city, as government forces backed by American air power xexy to drive out Taliban militants.

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In others, they are considered as unacceptable as the sex act itself. Affairs are rampant and many people in the public eye are the primary offenders. In an MSF photo, a man stood on a table over a group of doctors in scrubs, holding an IV drip in place that had been hung from a ceiling fan in a small, white room. And what about acts?

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So it can be easy to say to ourselves, "Everybody's doing it. Cheating is not about one certain act or even a group of acts. The U. For the most part, we know when we're cheating. But anything short of that lives in the land of murk when it comes to fidelity.

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Who's doing it and whom it's being done to, along with the "why," are what determines whether what's going on is innocent or not so much. Are soft lips brushed against a warm cheek cheating? The hospital had already been improvising for days, finding room in offices and busy corridors for the nearly patients that have poured in from the battle raging since Monday.

But that's the key to real and lasting relationships -- sharing the feelings you have and deciding as a couple how you will or will not act on them.

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Mature love is about reality, not fairy tales. When Reuters visited the hospital in June, a mortar round landed one hot morning the middle of a nearby meeting of Afghan security forces, and more than a dozen men were driven to the MSF emergency room in a rush. It's normal.

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To my mind the answer is easy, and somehow that's what makes it so complicated. As the bombs rained down in about minute intervals on the main hospital building, where the intensive care unit and emergency rooms were located, people who could fled the hospital grounds, or moved into the hospitals two large bunkers. No secret longings.

It only took minutes for staff in the hospital to place frantic calls to NATO officials in Kabul that the compound had come under aerial bombardment, an MSF official told Reuters. The tang of iron hung in the air as staff mopped up blood on the white tiles, leaving arcs of red behind.

Cheating is a major relationship rocker because it has to do womeb the murkiest thing life has to offer: human interactions and relationships. So, what's cheating?

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sexxy Are you OK with my going out with friends of the opposite sex when you're not there? Despite the government claiming to have regained control of the city, fighting has continued to rage around the city, as government forces backed by American air power seek to drive out Taliban militants.

When you are in a monogamous marriage, actually having sex with another person is usually a pretty clear "do or die" kind of line. How about a text message that says nothing more than "Lunch?

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Backs scratched? So, forget the facade and make a date with your partner for a heart to heart about what makes your heart skip a beat, because nothing is sexier than being in wwomen with whomever you choose to love. A prescient year-old woman who worked in an office in the hospital watched the aomen stoically. C u later? Miss u. Although lots of folks like to make the rules for other people, the truth is that only the couple themselves can establish the rules for their relationship.

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It seems like a foolish question that has a perfectly obvious answer. As the Taliban sexxy made repeated attempts to take over swathes of the province throughout the year, the MSF hospital, which opened four years ago, has been treating an increasing of civilians caught in the middle of the long-simmering war. People arrange their relationships in all sorts of ways, from living apart to having multiple partners to being celibate to scheduling sex with their partner.