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Are you single and in the West Valley City area

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Are you single and in the West Valley City area

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What if I've lost my pet? Please come into the shelter at least every other day.

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Spay and neuter your pet and encourage others to do the same. What if I've lost my pet? Do not set the pet free. If the animal has bitten and run off, make sure you can give an accurate description of the animal and which direction it went.

Are you maximizing your rental investment's potential? Often times the dogs are gone by the time an officer can respond.

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Call the shelter and ask for a list of needed items. Property Marketing.

What if I've found a pet? An officer will respond and try to obtain the suspect animal. Whether you own one unit or many in an apartment building, our West Valley City property managers can handle it all. If your pet has bitten, report it to Animal Services and arrangements will be discussed for quarantine.

There are dogs running around my neighborhood, what can I do? Please come into the shelter at least every other day. Call Animal Services immediately and be prepared to give a detailed description of the dog.

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Collars and tags fall off and microchips are sometimes unreadable or untraceable. If the dog is friendly, put it in your yard and hold it until the officer can pick it up. Even if your pet has identification, do not depend on a phone call. Get a Free Rental Analysis Stress Free West Valley City Property Management Owning a residential rental property can be a lucrative investment, but it also carries with it its share of headaches and worries.

A full description of the enforcement process and a log form are available online. Start a fundraiser and donate to your local animal shelter or purchase supplies for the shelter. Become a foster parent for a stray animal that may be too young, too old or too sick or injured to be held for adoption.

West Valley City Animal Services will hold a lost pet for a minimum of five days to give the owner a chance to find their pet. West Valley and other local ordinances require citizens to turn strays ara to their local animal shelter sijgle 24 hours. With our full service West Valley City property management, you get much more than just one over-worked property manager. Contact your local animal shelter and ask about volunteering.

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Always have identification on your pet so it can be returned to you if it becomes lost, you may also want to have it microchipped. It may be hit by a vehicle, attacked by another animal or may be scared and run further from its home. If you know where the dog lives give that address to the shelter staff. It may also be your pet's ticket home if it should become lost.

What do I do if I have been bitten by an animal or if my pet has bitten someone?

Sinlge can I do about a barking dog in my neighborhood? The complainant will be advised to keep a skngle dog log in order to assist with tracking and identifying the animal s in question. The pet will have a greater chance of being reunited with its owner if it comes into the local animal shelter. State law requires all animal bites to be reported to local animal control or the Health Department within 24 hours.

The shelter staff may have your pet listed as a different breed or mix or may be described differently than your description. You'll be amazed at how much time and money our residential property management services can save you in both the long and short term.

When an animal is impounded it is checked for any form of visible identification and is scanned for a microchip. Finding a skilled West Valley City residential property manager can save you a lot of time and money.

All dogs, cats, ferrets and pot-bellied pigs are required to be d in West Valley City. If you feel threatened at all by the dog please do not risk getting bitten, call Animal Services and let them know about its aggressive behavior.

You are the best person to identify your pet. Why does my pet require a pet ?

You get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum yoi on your investment. Education materials can be obtained from the animal shelter and distributed to your community or group.

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Any animal yoh has bitten or has been bitten will be required to be placed on quarantine for a minimum of 10 days from the bite. Rabies vaccination is required on all dogs, cats and ferrets.

If an injured animal is picked up and is wearing a pet it will receive medical care if needed.